Introducing Mari Agory, our new Saving Mothers Ambassador.

Mari Agory is a renowned fashion model who has worked for some of the biggest fashion houses internationally. As a former refugee from what is now known as South Sudan, Mari is no stranger to life-altering experiences. She was only nine years old when her family fled their native country of Sudan, seeking political asylum in the United States due to the bloody civil war between the South and the Northern regime in Khartoum. As a model, a mom, and co-founder of Mama Talks, she now utilizes her various platforms and her story to advocate for maternal health and mental health nationally and internationally. 

Having migrated from a country with one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, with 1 in 7 females dying in pregnancy or childbirth complications. Mari, now a mother of two, realizes she too could have been subjected to such horrifying environmental determinants of health and life if her family not been able to escape the civil war in her homeland. “I consider myself very fortunate to have given birth in a developed nation and feel it is my obligation to utilize my voice, my story, and platform to shed light on the state of maternal health in developing countries like mine.”    

Upon settling in San Diego, CA, without a single word of English in her vocabulary, Mari began school and soon began to assimilate into her new life and country. She soon began to excel in her education and was accepted to more than a dozen colleges/universities. She attended the University of California Irvine and found her niche in the school’s Public Health program, through which she has always hoped to advocate for and improve the health conditions affecting women and children in South Sudan. 

Photo: Mari Agory

Mari says,

“Saving Mothers’ commitment to providing sustainable solutions for maternal health through their high impact low cost programs in underserved communities around the world is what connected me to their work. With their team of doctors dedicated to volunteering their time to serve women who otherwise would not have access to these vital services, I am elated to begin my ambassadorship for Saving Mothers. Their name speaks for itself – saving mothers around the world. No woman should die giving life, whether they live here in NYC or in remote villages in South Sudan.”

You can learn more about Mari at her Instagram

Saving Mothers is currently looking for Ambassadors to share our mission. You can learn more about this role here.

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