Saving Mothers Fellow in Weill Cornell Medicine Journal!



Sasha Hernandez, a former fellow at Saving Mothers, current resident in OB/Gyn at NYU Langone Medical Center, and now a member of our medical board is featured in the summer edition of the Weill Cornell Medicine Journal! Sasha spent a year in Guatemala, working alongside comadronas, traditional Mayan birth attendant at the POWHER school. In the piece, she describes the journey that led her to Saving Mothers, including the challenges of being a medical student. During her year in Guatemala, her primary task was to support the training program for the comadronas while helping a core group of comadronas with capacity building strategies. Ultimately, the 14-week course for these women culminated in a final exam. In her piece, Sasha details an intimate account of her comadrona colleagues pushing not only themselves but Sasha’s own understanding of what it means to be a physician. Sasha notes that she left her year with Saving Mothers with a renewed commitment to health education.

A version of her piece in the journal also appeared in Ascensus: Weill Cornell Medicine Journal of the Humanities.

Check out her full story here!

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